I took my Mac pro laptop to Apple when it could not turn on and after waiting for over an hour and a half, I was told that it could not be fixed because it’s an old model and they don’t make parts for them. I then made an appointment at Best Buy, I only wanted to get my document’s and pictures retrieved from the laptop. On the phone I was told that this was not a problem but when I went to the Best Buy store one of the Geek Squad technicians immediately told me that he could not retrieve the information. What a waste of my time. I then goggled and found PHXCOMPUTER DOCTOR, I took my laptop to Shamoon not only did he tell me he could retrieve my information but he called and told me that he could fix my laptop. It was a matter of few hours my computer was working perfectly. Thank you so much Shamoon you saved me a lot of money for buying another laptop and your charge was extremely reasonable.